Information Technology and Its Role in Performance Evaluation

The use of the Information Technology in the evaluation process can help automate the methods used by the HR department which will lessen the effort and time used for evaluating the employees. Thus, using IT within the process may create new policies such as regular self-evaluation and appraisal of management to the employees because of the leniency in the usage of the system. This would also contribute to the decision making of the company as the result of the evaluation would provide information about what areas should be improved for the firm’s profitability. The IT based evaluation system must be aligned with the policies to make it more effective for the company. The easy use of IT system would also help the company focus on other matters of the operations rather than putting too much time and effort on evaluating. Through an automated evaluation process, the regular evaluation will be made with lesser cost and effort at the long run on the operations of the SMEs.


High reliability, low power consumption, speed, accuracy, hardware, and software for various programs, unimaginably advanced technology, wide scope of information, almost unending technology services – information technology has totally won fans from the telecommunications industry, engineers, computer technicians and a whole lot more diverse industries and professions.
These changing times has brought information technology into a pedestal affecting almost all operations within and between industries and people, bringing the globe into information stage. Such shift in paradigm has affected a lot of areas of operation and defining industries that use computers, networking, software programming, and other processes to store, process, retrieve, transmit and protect information.
Moreover, the emergence of information technology has given rise to various technological industries and new jobs offered to the people. Information technology rise has given a list of opportunities to organizations, firms, companies, and industries to further their coverage area as well as expansion for growth, innovations, and success.
One of the areas influenced by information technology is within enterprises whether it be macro, micro, large, medium or small enterprises. Enterprises are defined as an organization or firm doing a business venture ( and certain roles are played by information technology to these enterprises. These certain roles are essential in these enterprises in expanding their growth and higher potential for greater success. Improving enterprise customer relationships as well employee relations are also targeted by these roles.

Strategic roles played by information technology can be classified into three categories according to Michael Matthew. These are working inward which improves a firm’s internal processes and structure, working outward which is responsible for improving products and customer relationships, and working across which improves the relationship of the firm between its business partners. These certain roles foster a sense of belongingness among employees and between business partners, getting close to customers and building tight relationships with business partners.
The effectiveness or the level of whether these certain roles of information technology are played to the extent can be measured through performance evaluation. The role that information technology plays in performance evaluation and appraisal are seen through which the mechanisms and operations underperformance evaluation are incorporated with added speed and accuracy. Information technology aside from it being evaluated is also helpful and useful in making such evaluations automated. IT has developed software of programs that helps measure and evaluates employee and organization’s performance by making it automated, reducing manual work thus reducing cost and adding efficiency. Examples of this software are Workforce Performance Management (WPM) suite systems and talent management software.


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  1. Samantha Rachel Barrett says:

    Your article is aligned to my point that thoughtful technology selection and placement, robust supply chain, training, monitoring, and a quality assurance plan will help ensure a successful program.


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