ICT & Teleworking

Information and Communication Technology innovations are bringing forth of the work reachable in Teleworking that has benefits both for the organizations and teleworkers. Teleworking is very popular in the business world that has limited kinds or types of work.


In “teleworking” people should be allowed to work where they are most productive”. Indeed, teleworkers are most productive when they are working at the place where they can balance work and social life. It was briefly discussed in the feature article of Teleworking’s benefits to the organization like cost savings, productivity, and quality talent that corresponds with the teleworker’s problems like social isolation, career progression, and the blurring of boundaries. Cost savings in using less office space and the teleworkers traveling from home to office would really benefit in Teleworking but social isolation and career progression suffer while the blurring of boundaries in traveling from home to work could be a useful break from work. But the productivity and the higher performance are recognized to less distraction has the tendency to be much more motivated to work. Teleworking’s impact on technological innovation has affected the work performances of teleworkers on how and where should they have to work. In Teleworking, not all jobs are suited, unlike writing, reading, data entry, computer programming, telephoning, and analysis that benefit with the technological innovations.


Giving of Teleworking a try for those organizations that are afraid to take the risk will soon find the growth in telework innovations. For Teleworking does help the employees to balance work and social life that only needs to be an open minded, flexible and creative in its own special ways. Distractions at work like phone calls and office visits are lessened when Teleworking at home or at any other remote areas. For example, writing assignments can be done easily at home than at the office with the addition of balanced in work and leisure hours but minus the lack of office equipment. Disadvantages should be more or less expected in all areas of aspects where no one can live in having always positive side but always corresponds with its negative aspects that have always been a choice. Teleworking may not for all types of works but has advantages both in an organization and teleworkers like of the increase in output, cost reduction and of creativeness but should be implemented carefully and with planning. Teleworkers or the virtual workers are well worth the risk in the integration of Teleworking.

Watch this video about Teleworking and Technology..





Teleworking started in the 70s but few grabbed the opportunity because of the reluctance of the organizations to adopt it for at that time telecommunications has a high cost. In the 1990s, Teleworking has improved but expectations were very low. Very few viewed Teleworking would be a success in those years that have never yet realized that Teleworking’s success is in the organization not individually. Nowadays, Teleworking continues to grow in technological innovation that Information Communications Technology as the powerful tool has made it possible to have a work free from geographical location and time constraints. Flexibility and agility that organizations need to deal with wisely with the innovation trend of Teleworking trough the help of Information Technology.


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